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In 2014, Future Generation Australia (ASX: FGX) launched with a bold and innovative model, providing a unique opportunity for both shareholder and social returns to be achieved.

As one of the designated charities, the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) continues to benefit from the company’s generous investment in AIEF and our programs, supporting scholarships for Indigenous children and young people.

Future Generation Australia gives investors unprecedented access to prominent Australian fund managers while supporting Australian charities focused on children and youth.

Additionally, fund managers have a unique opportunity to make a positive difference to our country’s future generations. By forgoing management and performance fees, Future Generation Australia is able to donate 1% of assets each year and support social programs, providing charities like AIEF with a stream of annual investments.

The growth of Future Generation Australia continues to have a great impact on our work. Alongside generous donations from the fund itself, shareholders are given the opportunity to donate a portion of their dividends to partner charities through the Dividend Donation Plan.

We are most grateful for the consideration and support of all our partners and donors. The ongoing support is essential to sustaining AIEF and allow us to continue to supporting young Indigenous people to build a brighter future for themselves and for the nation.

In a year with unique challenges, we are especially proud to be partnered with Future Generation Australia, which recognises the impact AIEF Scholarship Students and Alumni are having on their families, their communities and ultimately the nation.

AIEF Scholarship Graduate Tiah (St Vincent’s College, 2020) expressed best the importance of the milestone of completing Year 12 and why we need to continue to support young Indigenous people to achieve change.

“Completing Year 12 means that I can go out into the wider community, in order to provide support and help people in need,” Tiah said. “I can inspire others to take up opportunities they are offered, which will further help them fulfil their dreams.”

“My dream for my future is to become a social worker so I can give back to the community. My message for other young Indigenous people is to apply for an AIEF Scholarship to gain the skills and knowledge you need in order to have an impact. After school, we can be the change our nation needs.”

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In my own life, education has been a key to unlock both opportunity and ambition. For young Indigenous Australians, the same key should be available and AIEF makes that possible.

Ann Sherry AO
AIEF Ambassador


The AIEF Scholarship Program and the AIEF Pathways Program are supported by the Australian Government in collaboration with individual, philanthropic and corporate supporters from the private sector.