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The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) is a private sector-led, non-profit organisation focused on empowering young Indigenous people in financial need to build a brighter future for themselves and for the nation.

AIEF provides scholarships that enable Indigenous students to attend leading Australian schools and universities, as well as mentoring and career support to ensure students make a successful transition from school to further studies or employment, productive careers and fulfilling lives.

A product of a strong partnership between the Australian Government and the private sector, AIEF currently supports around 500 secondary and tertiary scholars, and continues to support a network of over 500 graduates.


AIEF provides scholarships and support through its two core programs, the AIEF Scholarship Program and the AIEF Pathways Program.

The AIEF Scholarship Program provides scholarships which empower Indigenous students to pursue their education at some of Australia’s best schools and universities. Students supported by the program access high quality education in culturally inclusive environments, where they develop the skills and confidence to fulfil their potential and make the most of their opportunities.

The AIEF Pathways Program prepares students on AIEF scholarships for life post-school and supports their transition from school through tertiary studies or employment into productive and fulfilling careers.

The Model


AIEF operates a long-term, sustainable Indigenous education program within a framework of highly effective management, transparency and accountability.


AIEF publishes detailed Annual Reports including financial accounts and information about our programs, Partner Schools and scholarship students.


AIEF allocates 15% of income to its operating reserve and 85% to the AIEF Scholarship Fund and has spent an amount equivalent to just 1.3% of its scholarship funding on total costs to date (after other income generated by AIEF for costs is taken into account), making it one of the most efficient, low cost non-profit organisations in Australia.

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Proven Results


According to the 2016 census, 47% of Indigenous 20-24 year olds reported having completed Year 12 or an equivalent qualification compared to 79% of non-Indigenous 20-24 year olds.

ABS figures show Australians with a Year 12 qualification are more likely to be employed; to pursue higher education; and to earn a higher income than Australians who do not complete Year 12.

In 2017, AIEF’s Annual Retention and Year 12 Completion Rate was 94%.


The AIEF Pathways Program provides one-on-one transition support to AIEF Scholarship Students in Year 11, Year 12 and beyond.

Each student works with a member of the Transition Support Team to set and achieve study and career goals for a successful transition to further study or employment after secondary school.

With AIEF’s support, 95% of AIEF Alumni made or continued a successful transition to further studies or employment in 2017. Of these Alumni, 32% are pursuing tertiary studies at university or TAFE; 63% are engaged in vocational training, employment or other productive pursuits; and the remaining 5% continue to work with the Transition Support Team to identify and pursue their preferred career path.

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I'm doing this not only for myself but for my community and my family. To me it's about giving back to my people and taking every opportunity that comes my way.

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The AIEF Scholarship Program and the AIEF Pathways Program are supported by the Australian Government in collaboration with individual, philanthropic and corporate supporters from the private sector.