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Seizing opportunities

8:34 mins

20 Oct 2017

Role models for the next generation

8:34 mins

20 Oct 2017

AIEF Scholars acknowledge Country at reception for President of Ireland

0:36 mins

20 Oct 2017

Grabbing opportunity with both hands

5:39 mins

1 Sep 2017

Going outside your comfort zone

7:31 mins

1 Sep 2017

More than a great education

7:26 mins

17 May 2017

Education changing the course

12:58 mins

12 Jan 2017

AIEF Graduation Ceremony

24:06 mins

2 Sep 2016

AIEF Alumni on Sky News

16:11 mins

21 Aug 2016

Education: the game changer

1:30 mins

7 Jun 2016

Scholarship graduate embarks on career at BHP Billiton

1:39 mins

23 Mar 2016

Competition winners speak at Parliament House

8:03 mins

24 Nov 2015

AIEF Ambassador Tony Cripps reflects on Garma 2015

1:03 mins

5 Aug 2015

AIEF Alum reflects on Garma Festival

2:57 mins

5 Aug 2015

Students and mentors explore Qantas hangar

2:39 mins

23 Jul 2015

AIEF Alum speaks about role in the ADF

2:06 mins

25 Jun 2015

NITV News – Yearn for the day when success is normal: PM

1:54 mins

20 May 2015

Mentoring Journeys

3:40 mins

12 Nov 2014

Andrew Penfold on PVO NewsHour

9:26 mins

13 Oct 2014

We support AIEF

2:01 mins

28 May 2014

Prime Minister congratulates AIEF on another record breaking year

1:10 mins

28 May 2014

Andrew Penfold on PM Agenda

7:00 mins

5 Mar 2014

Andrew Penfold and Warren Mundine on Australian Agenda

28:14 mins

1 Dec 2013

Andrew Penfold on Australian Agenda with Peter Van Onselen

9:04 mins

12 May 2013

Andrew Penfold on ABC News Breakfast

6:14 mins

7 May 2013

Malcolm Turnbull interviews AIEF Scholarship Student Nahdia

5:34 mins

13 Sep 2011

AIEF student gives opening speech at Learn Earn Legend! in Canberra

1:58 mins

12 Sep 2011

The Hon Peter Garrett MP congratulates AIEF on new partnership

3:24 mins

30 Aug 2011

Andrew Penfold is profiled in the Enriched List

2:14 mins

21 Aug 2010

AIEF Scholarship Students share their experiences in 'A Time to Dream'

9:45 mins

2 May 2011

Indigenous students enjoy work experience in politics

2:54 mins

27 Jun 2010

Kristy Kennedy – Indigenous Lawyer from Bourke making a better future for herself

7:06 mins

29 Jan 2010

Indigenous Scholarship students featured on 60 MInutes

9:49 mins

10 May 2009

Indigenous Program Succeeds in NSW

9:19 mins

9 Jul 2008

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At AIEF, we believe that the Indigenous situation is a national crisis; and the reason we get out of bed each day is to do something about it. Our approach is to have a hard head, a soft heart and capable hands with everything we do.

Andrew Penfold
Executive Director, AIEF


The AIEF Scholarship Program and the AIEF Pathways Program are supported by the Australian Government in collaboration with individual, philanthropic and corporate supporters from the private sector.